The Toilet Topper

This is not just a toilet seat ring. The MyKidzy Toilet TopperTM is truly different.
The Toilet TopperTM attaches to the adult seat lid in seconds and is easily accessible for the child. The Toilet TopperTM automatically gets picked up with the adult lid keeping it out of the way for adult use.

People who have used the Toilet TopperTM seat have praised the convenience, cleanliness, and accessibility. Also high on the list were the comments of kids being just like mom or dad and having their own seat. Parents found this allowed for easier learning through imitation.

We hope you will be pleased with the Toilet TopperTM seat. It was designed with both the child and adult in mind. It is a softer plastic contoured for comfort and hopefully will make the toilet training experience a little easier for you, too.

Everything you need to install the seat is included in this package. Your comments are always welcome and we hope we hope you enjoy this great product.


In stock (can be backordered)