Toilet Topper - USA Made


  • Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to hunting for tools or deciphering complex instructions. Our toddler toilet seat attachment effortlessly adheres with double-sided foam tape to the inside of your toilet cover, ensuring quick installation in seconds.
  •  No yucky seat to touch: When nature calls, there’s no time to fuss with removing your child’s complex potty seat. With our toddler seat’s built-in mounting latch, it effortlessly lifts up
    and out of the way, keeping the toilet standard until you need to convert it. Simply grip it, flip it, and clip it for hassle-free use!
  •  Banish Bathroom Clutter: Tired of navigating through a maze of potty-training gear? Say goodbye to cluttered floors and cumbersome potty chairs. Our convenient seat attaches directly to your existing toilet lid, freeing up valuable space and reclaiming your bathroom for good!
  • Detachable for Easy Cleaning or Travel: Accidents happen,
    but cleanup doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our kids’ toilet seat attachment easily pops off for quick cleaning or convenient travel. Simply snap it back on in a flash for hassle-free maintenance. Easy peasy!

  •  Comfortable for Little Bums: Say goodbye to fears of falling in and the need for extra security. Our ergonomically shaped folding potty seat is designed to provide maximum comfort for little behinds, making toilet training a breeze. With its user-friendly design, your child will be toilet trained in no time. But beware: It’s so comfy, your kiddo might start asking for extra potty breaks!

Potty Trains


  • Fun and colorful toilet paper for kids to make using the toilet more exciting for your child. Each train = four squares of paper to help form good potty habits!
  • Easy to use, encouraging your child to use the toilet independently. Use our potty training toilet paper with other potty training seats, books and stickers.
  • Our toilet tissues are soft and gentle on delicate skin, perfect for little bottoms. Great for toddlers, kids, girls and boys.
  • 100% Safe and Septic-Safe, made with soy-based ink. Easy to clean up and won’t harm your plumbing or septic system. Ultra-absorbent texture quickly cleans up messes and keeps your child feeling fresh and clean.
  • Ideal for everyday use, helping your child develop independence and confidence while potty training. Each full-size roll of 2-ply toilet paper contains 500 sheets.

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