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This is not just a toilet seat ring. TOPPER is really different. It stays attached to the adult seat lid with double sided tape and remains accessible for the child. The automatic picker-upper keeps it out of the way for adult use. TOPPER can easily be removed from the mounting plate if desired.

TOPPER seat materials and workmanship are fully guaranteed. We will gladly replace any defective TOPPER seat free of charge.

People who have used the TOPPER seat have praised the convenience, cleanliness, and accessibility.. Also high on the list were the comments of being just like mom or dad and having their own seat. Parents found this allowed for easier learning through imitation

Made & Remade in the USA

Your Source for American Made – Custom Printed – Funny Toilet Paper & More! Our site consists of an assortment of our stock designs that are ready for immediate shipping and the ability to make your own custom printed toilet paper. Political humor, funny designs, gag gifts, hilarious quotes & sayings, golfing, hunting & more. All of our Custom Toilet Paper is “Made in the USA” on Recycled Paper. Printed with Safe to Use inks, plus septic tank safe and ready to use. Each roll is individually shrink-wrapped. We manufacture all of our printed toilet paper at our factory in Utah.  

Our Value Proposition

We have crafted an educational tool to assist parents with toilet training. While priced higher than everyday products, it is intended as a short-term educational tool to help children realize the importance of portions.

Thank You From Our Team

We appreciate your business and taking the time to visit our site. We hope your product satisfaction leads to referrals and gift purchases. Come back soon.